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100% Digital Network - FAQ

How does a 100% Digital Network or Digital Simulcast work?
Today, signals for our Cable Basic and Cable Plus line-up are received in a digital format and converted to analog before distributing over the cable network.  These signals are distributed as analog signals so that all customers that have a cable-ready television without a digital tuner can view these channels without any additional equipment.  In the case of our 100% Digital Network, the digital signal from the programmers would be distributed in both a digital and analog format allowing all customers with a Digital Television or HTC Digital Cable set-top box to receive the digital signal on all channels.

Why will Cable Basic and Plus channels be distributed in both analog and digital?
Although a digital signal will provide better picture and sound quality, if you don’t have the proper equipment such as a set-top box or Digital Television, you would not be able to see a digital signal.  Since many customers still have cable ready televisions with analog tuners, it is important that the analog signal is also still available to ensure that all customers can view Cable Basic and Cable Plus channels (Channels 2-70).  Digital Passport, Premium and Pay-Per-View channels are already broadcast in digital and still require a set-top box to view.

Is a digital channel the same as high definition (HDTV)?
No, as previously mentioned, digital channels are broadcast in 480p.  High Definition channels have an even higher picture resolution and broadcast in 720p, 1080i or 1080p, but not all channels offer a high definition broadcast. 

Will HTC Digital Cable offer a Digital Simulcast?

Yes, HTC Digital Cable will offer a Digital Simulcast or an all Digital Network to all customers in HTC Bluewave areas.

What does a customer have to do to get all digital channels?
Customers in HTC Bluewave areas with an HTC set-top box will automatically receive the digital signal on each television that has a set-top box. 

What is the cost of the all Digital Network?
Customers that subscribe to a set-top box will automatically receive the benefit of the all Digital Network, including clearer picture and sound at no additional charge.


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