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About HTC Bluewave Fiber to the Business

HTC Bluewave Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB) provides cutting edge technology and the best possible service for all of your voice, video and data needs. HTC Bluewave gives businesses the competitive advantage with the fastest internet connections available. The longevity of this fiber optic technology makes your business future-ready and keeps you miles ahead of the competition in today's high-tech business world. All of this from the most reliable network providing the most superior customer service. Put your business at the forefront of technology with HTC Bluewave.

Many claim to provide Fiber-to-the-Business. Although they may have fiber somewhere in the network, they do not always have fiber that goes all the way to the business. The benefits of fiber stop where the fiber stops. Fiber delivers faster speed and greater capacity, but when fiber hits copper the speed and capacity are restricted.

HTC Bluewave is the best way to deliver the revolutionary experience of broadband directly to your business. Only HTC Bluewave delivers the benefits of true broadband with greater capacity for applications such as medical imaging, video conferencing, off site backup and multimedia programming for distance learning. Fiber shatters the limitations you've come to expect from older technologies.

There is no fiber optic network more advanced than HTC Bluewave because it goes all the way to your business. Insist on it.


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