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Advantages of HTC Bluewave

  • A single fiber connection to each individual residence.
  • All cabling and pedestals will be underground.
          - No unsightly aerial wires.
          - Improved reliability.
  • Local battery backup - power supplied to system
    for up to 8 hours.
  • Not a shared network - no more network slow downs during peak usage hours.
  • HTC Bluewave is a future-proof architecture - bandwidth can be increased as applications require.
  • Up to 4 lines of voice service per household.*
  • Unlimited video streams.
  • 100% digital video transmission -  All channels will be digital.
  • Incredibly fast downstream and upstream data transmission.
  • All services can be distributed within your home using existing telephone lines or coaxial cable.
          - Broadband service may require an additional
            outlet provided by HTC.

*Appropriate service charges apply to multiple lines of service


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